By Dean Evans

New York-based performer Paris Martino is one of the entertainment world’s most rapidly ascending luminaries. Although still at the dawn of her professional career, the triple threat creative force — she excels as an actor, singer and dancer — Martino has not only bested aggressive audition and awards competitors, she also managed to establish herself at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, a period when most performance venues were dark. A not inconsiderable feat by any means, but Martino was born for it.

“I grew up dancing, singing and acting in Toronto,” Martino said. “As the daughter…

Photo by Nir Arieli

By Vincent Mallory

At six feet five inches, professional dancer Isaac Kerr is a towering figure in Manhattan’s ballet and modern dance scene. In an intensely competitive world, dancers require profound dedication, Olympic-level athleticism,immaculate precision and a deep aesthetic sensibility — indeed a demanding skill set!

Kerr’s grand stature is both a blessing and a liability, He is an award-winning ice skater who began his formal dance training as a pre-teen in a field where most start as pre-schoolers. He faced more than his fair share of challenges.

“My journey to becoming a dancer was unique,” Kerr describes. “I started…

By Phillip Greene

HOLLYWOOD, California January 4, 2019 — Award winning costume designer-make up artist Viktoriia Vlasenko is a creative powerhouse, a bold trend setter whose impeccable sense of style has earned her an international reputation as one of the top forces in her field.

An extraordinary talent with a constantly growing resume of impressive screen credits, Viktoriia also has her own Terrasse fashion line, and was showcased in the ultra-prestigious Vogue Milan fashion show for young talent — an achievement which underscores her signature mixture of unique visual style and always appealing design sense.

By Joseph West

The professional dancer’s life is perhaps the most demanding of all performance disciplines. It not only requires the struggle and competition of the audition process,it is conducted at a far higher level of expectation and ability — the dancer must possess both a primordial physicality and an ethereal expressiveness. It’s an unusually complex mixture, one at which the dancer-performer

Aurélie Garcia excels, and her gift for combining these disparate elements into a flawless, interpretive whole has made her one of the leading forces in her field.

In the past 36 months, the French-born, New York based Aurélie’s…

By Dean Evans

Whether working on a television action series or a Hollywood blockbuster, veteran actor-stuntman Carson Manning’s arresting combination of dramatic skill and high-flying derring-do is never less than spellbinding. With a trove of high-profile, heard-earned credits (‘Shazam!’, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ ‘Suicide Squad,’ ‘Jigsaw,’ ‘Pompeii’), the Canadian-born Manning has established himself as an in-demand performer in one of the film world’s most intensely demanding arenas — a position he has easily maintained for an astonishing three decades.

There is an important distinction between actor-stuntman and stunt double; the former requires fully developed characterizations and stunt skills while the latter…

By Stan Whittaker

Dynamic. That’s the best word to describe producer Katy Lopes. The Brazilian filmmaker sweeps through her projects with the range and momentum of a cyclone. From the earliest stages through fundraising, logistics, location scouting, on set trouble shooting and meticulous post-production oversight, Lopes’ comprehensive grasp and unflagging energy guarantees a world-class finished product.

It’s a skill she’s honed since the dawn of her professional career, landing a behind-the-scenes position in television when she was just twenty years old.

“I first started at TV Bandeirantes, one of the biggest television broadcasters in Brazil,” Lopes said. “I began as…

By Patrick Elliott

Photo by Elisha Jade

Guitarist Agam Timor’s dynamic, distinctive style has earned him an international reputation as one of the instrument’s leading proponents. Timor’s reliably solid, in the pocket grooves qualify him as am unrivalled rhythm guitar accompanist and, as a soloist, his dazzling proficiency and arresting fusion of blues, jazz, funk, pop and modern rock is consistently effective.

The Israeli-born, Hollywood-based musician brings an appealing warmth, presence and color which elevates any song he takes on — an invaluable sonic presence that’s earned him a sterling professional reputation. …

Performer Haley Ostir is a multi-faceted powerhouse, one whose impressive mix of raw creative drive and sharply focused professional ambition elevate her to a rarified strata.

As a singer, actor and dancer, the New York-based Ostir is required to excel at the most demanding disciplines in the entertainment world. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I’ve always focused on dance just as much as singing and acting,” Ostir said. “In my mind, this is what musical theatre is — they all are equally important and being a real triple threat is important to me.”

A native of Winnipeg in…

Dancer Meagan Selinsky’s striking poise, precision and presence are nothing less than arresting. On stage, she moves with a vibrant fluidity that embodies both the epitome of grace and a deeply expressive dramatic quality. Whether performing classic ballet or avant garde modern dance, Selinsky is a remarkably accomplished interpretive performer, a hard earned skill for any dancer but in Selinsky’s case it’s downright extraordinary — she overcame a debilitating condition so severe that, as a child, she was unable to walk.

Her amazing journey to the pinnacle of the dance world is a poignant, inspirational odyssey that began when she…

Photo by Yilin Li

Photographer Tanne Willow is a consummate professional who moves effortlessly between the high pressure world of commercial assignments and her own intensely personal artistic endeavors. Striking the perfect balance between these two very different realms requires equal measures of creativity, technical know-how and, most importantly, the distinctive visual vocabulary which is Willow’s defining quality.

It’s an innate aesthetic strength that the Swedish-born visionary began developing early in life.

“I grew up in the suburbs of Stockholm and was always creating things,” Willow said. “Clay-animal cities with shoe-box houses or ice-berg landscapes for my stuffed animals. I loved painting, drawing, sewing…

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